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DRY Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning plus MASTER GUARD Stain & UV3 Protection.


Operating in CAPE TOWN & the Helderberg areas since 1997.  

Call: RAYMOND 082-458-6957 for a Free Quote now. No call-out fees! Visa accepted.  


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BEST CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM: SEBO: A proven non-toxic German DRY Carpet Cleaning System.    Highly recommended for cleaning of wool, industrial & oriental carpets.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning & Upholstery Services

  • DRY.  No sticky, smelly carpets.  No wet mouldy underfelt

  • No carpet shrinkage (especially of  wool carpets) .  No carpet bumps

  • Restores carpet pile with roller brushes .  No colour runs (epecially on oriental carpets)

How it worksNon-toxic alcohol cleaning solvents are brushed into the carpet with roller machines, absorbing grime etc.  This is then vacuumed out, leaving carpets hygienic and clean.  We use stain removers on high traffic areas, these areas may be damp!

UPHOLSTERY & MATTRESSES deep cleaned.  It may take a few hours to dry, depending on dirt & humidity.

We service frail-care centres, offices, rental agencies, guesthouses and homes.

MASTER GUARD+ Upholstery Stain & UV3 Protection: Non-toxic alternative to SCOTCHGARD. 

* DISCOUNT:  When cleaning & protecting your upholstery together!         

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