SEBO: Best Carpet Cleaning system, using technology. Ideal for Commercial cleaning.


MASTER GUARD+ Non-toxic Upholstery/Stain Protection Service


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Best Carpet Cleaning system?  Totally Dry, non-toxic technology. Proven antibacterial product that sanitizes whilst effectively removing dustmite allergens & pet-hairs from carpets. 



Still using outdated steam-cleaning to clean your carpets?  Difference between steam cleaning & other carpet cleaning systems


*No more wet, sticky, smelly carpets   *No mouldy underfelt  *No carpet bumps *No carpet shrinkage *No colour runs on rugs


BENEFITS OF SEBO CARPET CLEANING:  *Anti-bacterial deep-cleaning  *Walk on carpets immediately.    *Works on industrial carpets   *Non-toxic  *Removes dust-mite allergens, pet-hairs & grime *Safe on wool carpets - carpets won't shrink - Wool-safe mark of approval   *Safe on rugs - no colour runs


*IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL USE: offices, rental properties, hotels, guesthouses, frailcare centres. HOMES WITH PETS. PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES.


4 ACCREDITATIONS for our Proven SEBO System

1. The GAF Allergy Research Centre in Germany established in long term research that 6 months after a single cleaning with Sebo Duo-P cleaning powder, 7 out of 10 Carpets still had no trace of dust mite allergens. 

2. Woolsafe approved on wool carpets (no shrinkage).      3. Non-toxic cleaning sponges.

4. NRCS Anti-bacterial product Registration No: Act5GNR529/208889/090/0814


How SEBO works:  Non-toxic cleaning sponges are brushed into the carpet with roller machines, absorbing dirt etc., this is then vacuumed out, leaving carpets hygienic and clean.  NB: Residue powder remains in the carpets removing dust-mite allergens for up to 6 months.


TIP:  WINE SPILLS: Stand on a small towel to blot out most of the wine. Thereafter, pour soda water on stain. Blot again on a clean fold. Continue folding & blotting the towel.  Whalla!  Now you can simply put the towel in the wash.


TIP: URINE STAINS:  As soon as you see the pet stain, wet with soda water to neutralise the stain, then mop up with a small towel or cloth, as above.